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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the information in this tree. We now have over 2000 people in this tree ... WOW !!! I am #286 on the Guardia report and #177 on the Jaen report.

We Currently go back to the mid Sixteen Hundreds beginning with Sebastian De La Guardia (don't have an exact birth date)

On the Xaen side, we now go back to early 1700 with Candid Sanchez Xaen.


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Recent Tree Updates:


  • Thank you to Linda Herosian for helping me to expand the Medina/Robbins side of the family.

  • Thank you to Carl Alving for all the updates to the descendants of Otto Alving (not posted here but in anyone in the family would like it just ask)


    • Added wife and kids of Juan Sebastián Ruiz Jaén (sorry for the long wait)


    • Added Remington and Renee Latour


    • Upgraded to Family Tree Maker 2017

    • Uploaded tree to

Special Thanks

Thanks to Leti Robbins for updating so much of the family tree, I did not know I had so much family in Kentucky !!!. A special thanks to Milita Jaen Conte and Margarita Guardia Jaen for a vast amount of information about the Jaen (Xaen) side of the family that was missing.


If you would like to add information or make changes, please write <Genealogy at guardia dot org>

Important information is Birth Date/Birth Place/Death Date/Death Place/Marriage Date/Marriage Place/Nick Names