RJ's Panama Trip - 2008

Saturday July 12
  • Drove from Boston to Newark 
  • Stopped at Nintendo world
  • Took Continental Flight xxx to Panama City, Panama
  • ?
Sunday July 13
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Napoli Pizza

Monday July 14
yesterday i played ultimate and i scored 3 goals and made three defensive blocks againt someone doble my hight. i getting my skateboard today. last night we went to napoly pizza and i had pizza. going down to playablannca ttyl: talk to you later

RJ has his skateboard, we are in PB and he is already having a ball with Carlitos.  Big RJ told me he gained the respect and admiration of all the big frisbee players.  Just like his dad suggested, he fell sleep a Napoli eating pizza, exhausted from the game, but soooo happy with all the accolates (sp ? ). Everybody falls in love with him....sooo handsome and soooo loving. Moje and Papa included. So far....perfect.

Tuesday July 15th
what. today in payablanca i got mY  NEW SKATEBOARD

It is 5 PM and RJ is coming from the pool to dry up and write to you.  Today we had a Ping Pong competition and he always comes from way behind to win. Honest.  Also, we made arrangements to go to the "camp" to surf and skate....He loves both. We will start nex week. The waves and tide are way too high  this week end.  I won only the long distance underwater swimming competition, but he informed me that his dad is way better than I am...Which is right in every respect. Tonight we plan to watch ( the whole gang ) The Baseball All Star game. Everyone here is a Yankee fan...but at least today, Boston Red Soxs and Yankees are in the same team.  It is pure joy to have one on one with RJ.  He can speak and understand spanish better than I ever thought, but he obviously prefers english...so we have to create situations.  Moje is giving him the Spanish course they used with the firstr peace Corps...pioneering stuff then.  It is only Moje, RJ and I.  Very effective, and fun...so we will do it everyday.  Now, it is RJ's turn. He sill write to you on his own....so I am off. 

Wednesday July 16th

today i played ping pong and did what papa said was the best thing he ever saw in pingpong. i went swimming and watched die hard


Thursday July 17th
hi mom and dad today i played ping pong and went swimming. pish posh you cant by more movies joking. ive watched the 10 times. there was a beautiful full moon. Im just starting t miss you guys why is kelly and alex not playing love rj

Friday July 18th
skype sounds good. today i played ping pong wimming in pool and ocean but not body surfing and im always pretty much playing with carlos and enrique. i watched ratatulle the one with the mose chef thing love you. love rj


RJ is in the pool. Today Ping Pong, spanish lessons, baketball, swiming...and it is only mid day. I am feeling it. I love it. HE is precious, but I am T I R E D.  He Never gets tired . This week end we are inporting some young and not so young people to help ( Jet skiing, football, painting ( Irma is coming and she is HYPER ACTIVE...so she will help also ). 

Saturday July 19h

Sunday July 20th
today was the funnest two boys came over and we played soccer basketball pingpong i also went horse back riding and we watched flushed away love rj

Monday July 21th

Dad: RJ spent time Jet Skiing with Sheila on Monday...then Ping Pong...etc. Sheila could not move for a day after taking turns with RJ, Carlos and Enrique. RJ spent all day yesterday surfing and skateboarding....including lunch etc.  Surfing is dictated by waves, wind etc.....skateboarding in between. He was  glowing after and came home with a DVD of skaters in Barcelona...It is incredible what these kids do.His Surfing instructor is serious, his skating instructor looks the part....a teenage hippie with a numbers of championships under his belt.  Everybody falls in love with RJ....a tribute to your parenthood.  I hope he comes home exhausted, and as happy as he did yesterday. Carlos is finishing school ( no classes, but work to get done at home ) and will go to camp with RJ when he is free.  We are having a ball !!!  All is great !  Moje and Papa

Tuesday July 22th

Wendsday July 23th

Thursday July 24th

Friday July 25th

RJ hasnt been able to set us up yet.(skype)  He is just too busy. Right now he is probably with Papa and Cholo.  They are picking him up st the Surf School.  The teacher said he did very well.  Good balance!!
Right now Jorge and Carlos are practicing ping-pong so they can give RJ a good game then he returns. Yesterday morning I woke up to a pillow fight in the kid room.  What fun.  Five boys in total.
RJ communicates very well with all of us.
  You have done a great job!!  I love that guy........Moje

Saturday July 26th

Sunday July 27th

Monday July 28th

Tuesday July 29th

Wednesday July 30th

RJ is in his intense phase of Surfing and skateboarding. He has difficulties getting up, and goes all day. He is really tired at the end of the day ...He is not only having fun ( with Carlitos ), but his instructors love him ( he is so good at everything, and so brave in the water and in the ( whatever the U curved thing is ) for the skateboard.

He told me yesterday that this is his record time away from home. The difference is ( his words ) "is that you are family....before I had no one to hug me and tell me they loved me". Is that not great ?. I had suggested ( actually forced him ) to have dinner with us with no TV, or other company. This way we can talk a few minutes. Everybody loves him.

Thursday July 31st

Friday August 1st
Jill: according to papa rj is doing much better today and asked already what time is skateboarding

Saturday August 2nd

Sunday August 3rd

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Jul 26, 2008, 12:21 AM
Enrique Guardia,
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