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Mail has moved email now lives on google apps (along with this wiki).


If you are related in any way related to the Guardia family I will gladly setup a mail account for you. First find yourself on the family tree (if you are missing send me and email so that I can add you). Then create a wiki account by selecting the register link in the top left of this page, and enter where in the tree you appear and the email account that you would like (me at guardia dot org). Then follow the instructions below to setup outlook or access webmail.


These are instruction on how to setup your account once you have recieve and email from me confirming that it has been setup.

How to change your password.

  • Goto the start page.
  • login using your mail account (example: and the default password that you received in the mail
  • Select the signin link in the top right of page
  • You ill be asked to change your password.

How to use web mail

How to setup Outlook

I suggest using IMAP if you use more then one computer to read email, but POP is also available.
Remember to substitute your email account where the instructions say